Natural stone

Our tile is available is a variety of colors, sizes, finishes. We offer stunning porcelain, ceramic and natural stone flooring. Whether you're looking for luxurious porcelain tile for an elegant space or stunning travertine to complement a contemporary style, we have the right product for you. We know you're a busy person. We know you don't have time to scrub stains out of carpets and buff scuffs out of wood. You've got way too much important stuff going on in your life to worry about tears or scratches in vinyl, or chips and swelling in laminate floors. That's why we at 5 Star Floors offer a large and diverse selection of tile floors, counters and other products; To give any room that you desire a unique look with tile, one of the most popular, lowest-maintenance, and highest quality materials. With its unparalleled durability and aesthetic versatility, it's no wonder that tile was the most popular material for floors and walls for thousands of years. Just because the material is ancient, doesn't mean your floors need to look outdated. 5 Star Floors provides our customers by importing products from all over the world, allowing us to offer our customers everything from natural tiles to glazed pieces. Perfect for a home with messy teenagers, pets or even messy adults, tile floors require almost no maintenance. Very little damage can be done to a tile floor during every day life that a wet sponge can't undo. Sturdy, rock hard slabs of beautiful porcelain or stone can be the finishing touch that any home is waiting for, and once you've discovered the style and texture that you're looking for, 5 Star Floors can assist you in measuring and installing your floors. Our qualified professional installation crew has decades of experience, and can handle any installation job. Bathroom floors, shower walls, kitchen counters or the whole living room, we want to help you find and install the tile that you need to make your home and fit your desires.


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